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Advantages of Centralised or Automated Lubrication Systems

  • Provides continuous lubrication to all points and avoids the necessity and the associated problems with manual lubrication.
  • Ensures that lubricant is delivered to all points, on a regular basis on predetermined intervals.
  • Increases the life expectancy of moving parts such as bearings, and saves on replacement costs.
  • Increase the availability of equipment and dramatically reduces maintenance costs.
  • Guarantees that all lubrication points are greased, especially those points that are hard to get to.
  • Not relying on maintenance staff or mechanics to grease every point on a regular basis.
  • Avoids scheduling of maintenance staff or mechanics, to lubricate equipment.
  • Avoids the forgotten lube point.
  • Economical way of lubricating equipment, saves downtime, saves lubricant and avoids contamination of lubricating points.
  • Improves safety, by avoiding maintenance occurring when equipment is operational.
  • Cost effective return on your capital investment.

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