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Applications - Centralised Lubrication Systems for Industrial and Manufacturing Applications

Centralised lubrication systems available for all types of Industrial and Manufacturing applications from a single point to a multi-line system, in fact any system where continuous lubrication is required.

Applications include;

  • Lubrication of bearings, slideways and drive screws on machine tools.
  • Packaging machinery
  • Printing machinery including presses, binders and balers.
  • Stamping presses
  • Chains and conveyors
  • Production machinery
  • Paper mills
  • Sugar mills
  • Steel mills
  • Milling and engraving equipment
  • Cranes
  • Overhead gantry equipment
  • Wire rope applications
  • Large industrial forklifts
  • Drilling, tapping, broaching and boring equipment
  • Circular saws and band saws
  • Stamping, bending and roll-forming applications
  • Pipe bending and metal spinning
  • Crushing and pelletising plants
  • Recycling plants, balers and shredders
  • Processing plants
  • CNC machines

Types of lubrication systems available;

  • Single line resistance, oil only
  • Single line volumetric
  • Single line soft grease
  • Progressive lube systems for grade 2 grease
  • Multiline systems for oil and grease
  • Greasemaster Mechanix, mechanical drive
  • Lubetools minimal lubrication system
  • Single point grease lubricator -refillable

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