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Centralised Lubrication Systems for Onroad Vehicles, Bodies and Trailers

Centralised lubrication systems available for;

  • All types of Commercial Vehicles
  • Prime movers
  • Trailers

Grease types, 0, 00, 000 to Grade 2.

These systems provide the lubrication points with grease using the little and often approach, where a small amount of grease is delivered at regular intervals ensures a lubricant film is always maintained therefore minimising friction and wear.

Another advantage of this type of system is that grease forms a seal around lubrication points preventing contaminants such as dirt and water from entering the system.

Types of lubrication systems available;

  • Autol Commercial Vehicle System - soft grease - electric
  • Romatic Chassis Lubrication System - soft grease - pneumatic pump electric controls
  • Truckmaster System for grade 2 grease

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