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Centralised Lubrication Systems for Agricultural Equipment.

Agricultural Lubrication Systems supply oil and grease to chains, bearings and slides on all types of agricultural machinery.

The following types of systems can be used for the lubrication of agricultural equipment;

  • Manual
  • Mechanical drive
  • Single line resistance
  • Progressive

Benefits of installing these type of systems;

  • Hundreds of possible system combinations
  • Short payback time
  • Increased productivity
  • Safety – as operators are not climbing over machines to grease

Mecanix Mechanical Drive Grease System

The Mecanix system consists of the Mecanix pump feeding a progressive lubricant divider. The pump shaft requires a horizontal stroke of 25mm for it’s operation.

The unit is fully adjustable from 0.3 to 1.4cc stroke.

The system is cost effective & reliable.

This system is ideal to grease a small amount of lubrication points.

Minimaster Mechanical Drive Oil System

The Minimaster system consists of the Minimaster pump, reservoir, meter units, fittings and brushes to apply oil to bearings or chains on agricultural and industrial machines.

A cam is mounted on the end of a shaft on the machine and it operates the Minimaster pump which is located adjacent to it.

Oil volume is adjusted by setting the cam to adjust the pump stroke.

Chainmaster Electric Drive Oil System

The Chainmaster’s system consists of a 12VDC pump mounted in a 3 or 7 litre UV stabilised reservoir.

When switched on, an internal timer operates the pump to operate/stop/operate stop to feed oil to the lubrication points via meter units, fitting and brushes.

The system is used to lubricate bearings & chains on Agriculture and Industrial machinery.

The Oilmaster 2 Oil Lubrication Pump

The Oilmaster 2 is designed to lubricate chains and bearings with a wide range of oils of similar viscosity to engine oil. The pump uses a volumetric principal with individual pistons and cylinders for each outlet.

Each outlet is individually adjustable between zero and 2.5cc per operation allowing the operator simple and effective control over the system. The construction of the system means that it is tolerant of all oils within the viscosity range. Each outlet is protected by an individual safety valve which opens at 25 bar (+/-7bar).

This means that if for some reason an outlet should become blocked the other outlets will continue to feed. Likewise if very heavy oil were to be used, all valves would open, preventing the pump from hydraulic locking and damaging the pump or pipe work. The pump requires a “pushing” action of 23mm for it’s operation.