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Machine Tool Spindle Bearing Lubrication System

The main application for these systems is the lubrication and cooling of high speed machine tool spindle bearings. These systems are also suitable to lubricate chains, gears, ball screws and anti-friction bearings. Depending on the application these systems use electric or pneumatic pumps to supply the application points directly or via air-oil mixer valves.

Air/oil lubrication is based on the principle that a drop of liquid is split by airflow, dispersed in streaks and transported in the direction of the airflow. The drops are transported along the inner wall of a narrow tube in the direction of the lubrication point. With an appropriate length of tube (minimum length 1 m) and a sufficient sequence of oil‐delivery cycles, a continuous flow of lubricant arrives at the outlet where it is compressed in the nozzle and fed to the friction point in relatively “large” droplets with the help of air.

The oil remains at the friction point and the air, which unlike oil mist lubrication is nearly free of oil, can escape unimpeded into the open. The air protects bearings from outside contamination and has a fresh effect on the bearings.