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Single Point Grease Lubricator

Petromatic Grease Cups assures steady, even lubrication to the bearing on demand. When the machine stops the Petromatic stops greasing.

Petromatic, an automatic grease cup, has only eight parts, combining simplicity with durable components that meet strict service requirements. Petromatic’s see-through dome (transparent Lexan) allows a quick sight-check of the grease level. Grease flows from the reservoir through a precision metering valve to the bearings.

A compression spring acts upon the piston to maintain a continuous balanced pressure on the grease, as it gradually moves through the tapered flow channel. The positive O-ring seal prevents grease from by-passing the piston. Petromatic always delivers the right amount of grease to the bearing when needed, and controls danger of over- or under greasing.

The reversible coupler permits rapid installation on any equipment – metric or American standard threads. Remove the standard grease-fitting and replace with the Petromatic unit.